About Us

Dr. Atanu Chakraborty

Winpain is owned and run by Dr. Atanu Chakraborty. He is a senior physiotherapist and chiropractic advisor in the city with an experience of over 14 years.

He has personally been designated as a consultant physiotherapist in critical care team of ILS hospital, Dumdum. 

Having completed his BPT and MPT, he obtained Research Scholarship from one of the most prestigious universities of the nation.

Thereafter, he pursued the following:

  1. Thrust Osteopathic Technique (Italy)
  2. Visceral Manipulation – L1 from Barral Institute, USA
  3. Fellowship in Osteopatic Manipulative Technique (Australia)
  4. Neurodynamic Solution (Australia)
  5. Muscles Energy Tech from SVNIRTAR (Govt. of India)
  6. Orthopedic Manual Therapy from an internationally accredited institution.
  7. Advanced Dry Needling.
  8. Isokinetic Knee joint management (AIIMS, New Delhi).
  9. Cupping technique, IASTM, Taping, and much more.

About Winpain

Winpain, as the name suggests, is all about winning over pain. Pain has always been a part of our lives. Due to various reasons, we often feel pain in different parts of our bodies. It often gets unbearable and makes our life tough. In order to get rid of the pain, we often take the help of different painkillers. They, however, have their own side-effects.

Moreover, in areas like Madhyamgram and Barasat, it is seen that joint pains, arthritis, and other such ailments are very common among people. The hospitals that are supposed to provide proper treatment are quite away. Other than this, it is not feasible for many people to travel such a great distance with all the pain and get proper treatment.

Seeing all this, Dr. Atanu decided to create a room for the people of these areas where they can get proper treatment at an affordable price. Hence, Winpain was born. The tagline of Winpain says its mission- “ultimate pain solution”.

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