About Us

The Foundation

It all started one day when Dr. Atanu Chakraborty, the psychotherapist and chiropractic advisor with an experience of over 14 years, observed that the people of areas surrounding North Kolkata were suffering from different ailments such as joint pain, back pain and several other such ailments, and continued to live with these ailments- owing to the fact that a proper health center was not available in those areas where they could go for treatment. Moreover, a good number of people living in those areas often lacked proper funds and could not avail proper treatment. It was then, Dr. Atanu decided to create a room for them in this area itself where they could easily get the necessary treatment. This is how Winpain was formed. Winpain literally means- winning over pain. It aims to provide ultimate soultion to pain caused due to nature of work, or ageing.

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